Web Design & Development

Orange Juice web designers specialise in web site design from conception to creation, developing high-end corporate web sites with strong visual appeal and back-end databases. Our designers will liaise directly with the client to bring the companies vision and message directly to the Internet.

Our in-house web design services, include, among other:
• Web design
• Custom graphics, logo design and identity/brand development
• Flash animation
• Creative online advertising solutions
• Image scanning and editing

Orange Juice team also specializes in developing databases for clients ranging from small content management applications to fully e-business database driven sites. E-mail marketing known as viral marketing, is the most effective of all online marketing tactics and its all about relationship building. It is extremely cost effective and can be highly targeted. Moreover, is easily customized, measurable and best of all takes advantage of the consumer's most prolific touch point with the internet, their inbox.

Orange Juice progressive use of e-mail allows you to form a virtual relationship with your existing and prospective customers. In addition, Orange Juice will help your business maximize the retention and value of these customers, ultimately leading to greater profitability.

Our viral marketing strategy focuses on building your brand image while creating a "controlled" list of qualified prospects with whom your company can communicate. Before long your brand name, will be piggy-backing on previously unknown e-mail lists.